July 08, 2008

Crafty Bastards - The Summer Show

My Tent at Crafty Bastards in Silver Spring, originally uploaded by potterybytashamckelvey.

Weekend before last, I went up to Washington, actually a bit past Washington to Silver Spring, Maryland, to be part of the special Summer Edition of the Crafty Bastards Craft Show. Jeremy and I left on Friday evening, stopping in Fredericksburg (where we met, went to school and fell in love) to have dinner downtown at Sammy T's. Then we got to our hotel very late, got up around 7 am on Saturday and headed over to the show. Setting up was very hot, but really not all that bad. The show was was well-attended and the other artists and crafters were awesome. It only rained for about two minutes, which was great because it was *supposed* to rain a lot in the late afternoon. We packed up the whole booth at the end of the show in about 45 minutes, which is very fast for me, and were home in Richmond by 8:30 pm, where we spent a little time with our Beagle, Tela, and then went out to eat sushi, yum. . . I wish all craft shows could be so pleasant, believe me I had some rough ones this Spring.


Jerry said...

I wish I could have made it to the show, I live maybe 45 minutes or so from there. And I am so jealous that you went to SammyT's. I love that place. They have a veggie burger with blue cheese that is to die for.

Dawn Anderson said...

45 minutes is fast for you! Good to hear that June ended well!