June 05, 2008

Art Star in Philly

I spent last weekend in Philly at the Art Star Craft Bazaar. The show was a success despite the unpleasant weather on Saturday and the slightly stressful load-in and load-out (which always seems to be the case when you make pottery, for me anyway). I got see and talk to all sorts of artists, designers and crafters that I just adorn - not the least of which are my fellow Richmond Craft Mafia members. It was mt first year at the show and the first year in was at the new venue right on the river in City Center. I had a great view of the water from my booth spot, but it was very windy at the top of concrete hill I was on - a booth near mine even blew over!
A special thanks my husband for driving and helping to load and unload the car so many times, the ladies at Art Star for putting on the show, and everyone who came out to the show - especially on Saturday in the rain.

Thanks Dawn for letting me use your camera!