September 22, 2007

More Birds. . .

So I was really busy at the studio this week finishing up a wholesale order, loading the kiln for my upcoming show - Crafty Bastards - and just getting stuff done so I can go to the beach for part of next week for a mini-vacation, but I couldn't resist making more little bird bowls! They are just so cute and fun to make. I don't really see myself as having much talent in the area of sculpting - so I really surprised myself with how well these birds are coming out. Each little bird is completely unique and has it's own little personality. I even made some humming birds! More pictures on Flickr.

September 15, 2007


Looky at what I made this week in the studio
- aren't they just so cute!

I can't wait until they are finished
I think I'll make more pots with birds next week, too.

September 01, 2007