June 19, 2007

Happy Accident

Happy Accident, originally uploaded by donaldmckelvey.

My Dad took this awesome picture the other day while attending a gardening institute put on by Monticello and UVA - it was a happy accident. I told him this picture justified him having his own Flickr account. Then I proceeded to show him that there are already lots of pictures of him on Flickr - taken by strangers (which he thought was totally bizarre). He works as a garden historian for Colonial Williamsburg and visitors photograph him a lot and some of them post them on Flickr - we left comments for some of the pictures of him. If you search "Williamsburg" and "garden" on Flickr you get lots of pictures of the garden Dad works in and some of Dad, too.

June 12, 2007

Business Week

Business Week did an article on Etsy and I was interviewed to be a featured Etsy Seller for the accompanying slide show.

June 11, 2007

New York, Baby!

I've been really busy making new jewelry, packing pottery and getting ready for my big trip to New York this weekend! I'll be representing the Richmond Craft Mafia along with my fellow members: Nicole, Beth, Kelly, another Kelly and maybe Deanna at the Brooklyn RenegadeCraft Fair. We be rollin' up to New York this Friday and will hopefully get there in time to help Etsy celebrate it's second birthday.

Everyone in the Richmond Craft Mafia got together over the weekend to eat some burgers and plan out how on Earth we would be able to get 12 people's crafty work into a 10 x 10 space. We also took some time to get get some pictures taken of us by a very talented young photographer.