April 24, 2007

Big Success!

Spring Bada-Bing, the first craft show I helped produce and organize, is over and done and I'm really tired and sore still from Sunday and it's Tuesday! The show ended up being just beautiful - all the different crafters, designers and artists work looked great together. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by a few sellers, who almost didn't get into the show, because their displays were some of the best at the show. Just goes to show that taking good pictures is so important! You might have awesome work but if the images that you send in to get juried for a show don't reflect that you might not get into any shows and no one will ever know just how great your work really is!

A big THANKS! to my fellow Richmond Craft Mafia members, all the great volunteers, my husband Jeremy for providing the music for the show, all the vendors and all the folks that came out to see the show and go shopping.

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April 18, 2007

Fool for Art this Saturday!

Fool for Art

April 21, 2007
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Midlothian Campus

John Tyler Community College

Free and open to the community

Richmond Craft Mafia

The Richmond Craft Mafia had a photo shoot on Monday night for an article that will appear in BRICK Weekly this coming Thursday about our show this weekend -
The Second Annual Spring Bada-Bing Craft Show.

photo by: www.jaypaulphoto.com

April 02, 2007

Kiln Building

The new kiln is built around a recycled wooden form.

Once the walls are up the wooden form is removed to make room for the arch's form (which has been used to build several past kilns at The Poddery). Rob Podd is seen on the ladder placing the arch bricks on top of the wooden arch form.

The arch is cemented with a special high-temperature mortar.

The custom welded metal frame for the door is placed on it's track. This door will slide into place before each firing - this is a new feature, in the past the kiln door was stacked by hand brick by brick before each firing (usually by me - it was my least favorite task).

I bricked up the new door (hopefully for the first and last time).

Jason Podd had to weld the kiln door's hanging mechanism over again because the weight of the bricks changed the center of gravity of the door and the door didn't hang straight anymore.

I finished stacking the door today and Rob Podd added the extra layer of insulation on top of the kiln, so now it's pretty much ready to fire for the first time!