August 12, 2006

My Article in the New Issue of Croq Zine

Good Beginner Art and Craft Shows:
How to Take the Plunge and Find the Right Ones
by Tasha McKelvey

(My article can also be found on my Art and Craft Business Blog in expanded form)

"The fifth issue of CROQ was released in August 2006, and features an interview with Naughty Secretary Jennifer Perkins, host of the DIY Network's show "Craft Lab", an essay on buying Local vs. Organic by's Jean Railla, and Camping Crafts & Cooking."

Also in CROQ #5:
Protect Your Intellectual Property from MySpace
CROQ Business 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Business But Were Afraid to Ask
Upcoming Indie Craft Shows
Setting Up Your Own Creative Space
*Good Beginner Art and Craft Shows: How to Take the Plunge and Find the Right Ones*
Copyright & Trademark Law Clash With Pop Art & Recycling
The Craft Historian: Victorian Era Crafts
Internet: Expanding The World of Crafting
Opposing Viewpoints: HelloIndie, Pro & Con
DIY Dyeing (RIT Dye)
Wanna Make a Zine? 24 Hour Zine Thing
Elsie Sampson: Powerhouse Zine Maker Behind "Chinese Sweatshop"

Coffee Craft
Unschooling: A non-traditional alternative
DIY Parenting: Participating at Craft Events With Your Kids
Having Fun With (Little or) No Money!
Dandelions: From Weed to Feed
TVP: What is it and what can I do with it?
Zine Reviews
My Perfect Craft Day
Make Your Own (Vegan) Nigiri Sushi
Homemade Horchata: Drink of Vegan Delight!
Make Your Own Recycled Insulated Bottle
Darn Tooting!
Croq Full O' Nuts Comic

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